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3dtiles 1
3d tiles hand painted by betul Senguler ..
Ex Tax: 75.00€
Blue Pomegranate Motif Evil eye wall hanging Handmade and glass work with 41 pieces of small beads
Pomegranate Motif Handmade glass Evil Eye and Amulet ( Nazarlik MasAllah 41 times with beads ) ma..
Ex Tax: 15.00€
Dervish figurine with tulip design on skirt
Dervish figurine with tulip design on skirt by Betul Senguler hand painted ..
Ex Tax: 55.00€
Hat Nomad vintage item very good condition and embrodery velvet wool cotton
Nomad Hat vintage designed and embrodery with wool & cotton and velvet materials sourced out ..
Ex Tax: 35.00€
khaftan desing on tile
khaftan desing on tile by Ummuhan hand painted ..
Ex Tax: 100.00€
Khaftan Figurine with Turkish tile design
Khaftan Figurine with Turkish tile design by Ummuhan hand painted ..
Ex Tax: 85.00€
Kid vintage dress by Uzbek Nomad handmade Traditional and Ceremonial Dress
Vintage Traditional Nomad child ceremonial dress & vest a child would wear and The Dress is d..
Ex Tax: 220.00€
Kutahya  tile-01
hand painted by Ummuhan Kutahya tile orjinal design 20cm x 20 cm ..
Ex Tax: 60.00€
Turkish Iznik tile Print made and Ottoman design
Turkish Iznik print tile Ottoman design and turquoise color  Set of 4 piece weight..
Ex Tax: 50.00€
Turkish Marbling - Ebru Lessons
Turkish Marbling - Ebru Lessons in Istanbul. Turkish Paper marbling is a method of aqueous su..
Ex Tax: 55.00€
Turkish Marbling / Ebru Set
Professional Turkish Marbling Set Gum tragacanth – Dye – Paintbrush – Basin – Water – Paper -..
Ex Tax: 200.00€
Turkish Tile Designing and painting
Traditional Turkish Tiles : The art of Turkish tiles and ceramics have a very important in th..
Ex Tax: 55.00€
Vintage Hat Embroidery Turkman Handmade Hat wool and cotton
Nomad Turkman vintage embrodery with wool & cotton materials sourced out of Tu..
Ex Tax: 35.00€
vintage Original hat Turkoman from Nomad Life full embrodery workmenship handmade
Nomad Turkman vintage embrodery with wool & cotton materials sourced out of Turkman . ..
Ex Tax: 35.00€
Evileye Blue Fish and handmade wallhanging glass made in Turkey
Handmade glass Fish Motif Evil Eye and Amulet ( Nazarlik) made in Turkey , Turquose color an..
Ex Tax: 10.00€
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